Commercial Auto Insurance

Protect Your Business On the Road

Driver errors. Vehicle failures. Injured clients. Whether you own a transportation company with multiple industrial vehicles, or a small business that uses a passenger car to transport clients, carry your tools or simply run errands, being on the road exposes your business to higher risks of incidents.

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Protect Your Business On the Road

Commercial Auto Insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and physical damage resulting from an auto accident where you or an employee is the driver. It also covers the vehicles your company owns and, depending on the policy, extends to those that you hire, lease or rent.

Does your company need Commercial Auto Insurance?

It is often assumed that Commercial Auto Insurance is for large industrial vehicles like semi trucks or dump trucks. In reality, you should purchase a Commercial Auto policy if the usage of your vehicle is related to the driver’s occupation, profession or business.

You may also need a Commercial Auto policy if the vehicle ownership is in your company’s name.

Talk to us at Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers if you are unsure about the appropriate coverage for your business. We’ll be happy to discuss your situation and provide information that will help you understand your coverage options.

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coverage details

Typically, Commercial Auto policies are "named driver only," which means that only the drivers specifically rated on the policy can drive an insured vehicle.

Commercial Auto Insurance provides coverage similar to your Personal Auto Policy (liability and physical damage) plus additional options for your business.

Coverage Details

Here is a helpful list of available coverages:

Bodily Injury Liability

Covers medical costs, loss of income and funeral expenses of others involved in a covered car accident for which you or a covered driver of your vehicle are responsible.

Property Damage Liability

Covers the repair or replacement of another individual’s vehicle or property that has been damaged in a covered accident for which you or a covered driver of your vehicle are responsible.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Pays for bodily injury losses caused by a hit-and-run driver, a driver with no automobile insurance, or whose liability limits are insufficient.

Medical Payment

Pays for medical expenses for the covered driver and passengers of the insured vehicle, regardless of fault.


Helps pay for damage to your vehicle if you collide with another car or object.


Required by lenders if you have a vehicle loan, this coverage helps pay for damage to your vehicle resulting from theft, fire, vandalism, falling objects, windstorm or hail or hitting an animal.

Hired & Non-Owned Auto

Covers damage to a vehicle used but not owned by your company.


Covers damage to vehicles owned by your clients while you are keeping them in a covered location for parking, storing or service.

Drive Other Car

Covers vehicles that you borrow, lease, rent or test drive.

Specialized Coverage for Your Business

Every industry poses unique risks and challenges, making it impossible to lump all types of businesses together under a standard policy. Rates and coverage requirements vary depending on industry, just like the types of coverage options and things to consider when purchasing an insurance policy.

At Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers, we help you sort through the insurance options that you should consider if the usage of your car is related to your occupation, profession or business. We offer a variety of insurance products that are specifically tailored to risks unique to your industry and we are always happy to discuss available policy coverages and endorsements. Get a quote today.

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