Insurance For Restaurants

Keep your restaurant open and functioning at all times

Kitchen fires, broken equipment, sharp knives and food related illnesses. Slip and falls, food spoilage, accidents during food delivery and hot soup spilled on a patron’s dress. All of these risks are part of owning a restaurant and all of them can jeopardize your culinary and business success. Keep your restaurant open and functioning at all times by maintaining proper insurance coverage that will take care of the unexpected problems.

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Specialized Coverage On the Menu

The risks you face as a restaurant owner are very specific and reach across a broad spectrum of potential issues, from equipment breakdown, to food safety and liability claims if someone working in the kitchen gets injured. The multitude of different issues and responsibilities can certainly cause a headache and obtaining proper insurance coverage for your restaurant shouldn’t add to the already long list of unknowns.

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At Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers we help you sort through the insurance options that you should consider if you own or are in the process of opening a restaurant, whether it’s a family owned, small, casual eatery, a franchise, or a fine dining establishment. We offer a variety of insurance products that are specifically tailored to the unique risks faced by restaurant owners and we are always happy to discuss available policy coverages and endorsements.

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Available Coverage & Common Claims

General Liability

A standard insurance policy designed to protect businesses from liability claims for bodily injury, property damage, resulting from operations, products, premises, and advertising and personal injury.

Claim Example

What if a client suffers injuries after hot soup is accidentally spilled on him by your waiter?

Workers Compensation

Coverage for your workers’ medical costs and physical rehabilitation in case of injury or work-related illnesses during the course of employment.

Claim Example

What if a waiter slips on a wet surface in your restaurant and breaks his arm?

Commercial Property

Coverage for the premises where your restaurant is located, whether you own, rent or lease the space, including building contents and equipment and fixtures.

Claim Example

What if you have a kitchen fire?

Commercial Auto

Coverage for bodily injury and physical damage resulting from an auto accident where you or an employee is the driver.

Claim Example

What if your delivery truck hits another vehicle while on the way to deliver a meal?

Liquor Liability

Coverage for claims arising from damages or injuries caused by intoxicated patrons.

Claim Example

What if, after having a couple of drinks at your restaurant, an intoxicated client gets into a fight and injures another patron?

Equipment Breakdown

Coverage for physical and financial damage caused by a breakdown of your restaurant equipment such as commercial freezers, refrigerators, ovens, ranges, fryers. It includes losses due to power surges, electrical arcing, short circuit, mechanical breakdown, boiler damage, motor burnout and operator error.

Claim Example

What if the compressor in your commercial refrigerator shorts out overnight, spoiling all the ingredients inside?

Business Income

Coverage for loss of income suffered after business operations are slowed or suspended due to a covered property damage loss.

Claim Example

What if you have to close your restaurant for two weeks following a kitchen fire?

Data Breach

Coverage for expenses associated with a data breach that results in the loss of your clients’ confidential information.

Claim Example

What if a patron’s credit card information is stolen from your computer?