Commercial Property Insurance

Protect your company’s physical assets

Restaurant kitchen destroyed by a fire. An outdoor sign knocked down by a windstorm. A store front window broken by a vandal. An office closed for days after a lightning power surge fried a server. Stolen tools or lost inventory shipment. Whether it is an office building or a pizza oven, the property you own is an integral part of your business. Things you own often keep your company up and running. Without proper protection, even a minor accident can disrupt your day-to-day operations and cause a major financial loss.

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Protect Your Business Property 

Commercial Property Insurance protects your company’s physical assets against threats like fire, theft, explosion, storms, theft or vandalism. Depending on the policy, it can provide coverage for buildings you own or rent, contents including furniture or equipment, fixtures, tools, electronics and more. It can also cover, among other things, lost income or business interruption, extra expense, computers, money and valuable papers, even if you work from home.

Coverage Types


Coverage for the building structure you own or are required by contract to insure.

Tenants’ Improvements and Betterments

Coverage for alterations, fixtures, installations or additions to a building you use but don’t own. These are items that you install and pay for, but will be unable to legally remove since they will become permanent fixtures of the real estate.

Business Personal Property

Coverage for things located at your business premises, but not permanently attached to the building, including inventory,  furniture, equipment etc.

Inland Marine

Coverage for business property away from your premises. There is a variety of options to consider, so talk to us at Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers to make sure that the policy is designed to meet your unique coverage needs.

Specialized Coverage for Your Business

Every industry poses unique risks and challenges, making it impossible to lump all types of businesses together under a standard policy. Rates and coverage requirements vary depending on industry, just like the types of coverage options and things to consider when purchasing an insurance policy.

At Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers, we help you sort through the insurance options that you should consider if the usage of your car is related to your occupation, profession or business. We offer a variety of insurance products that are specifically tailored to risks unique to your industry and we are always happy to discuss available policy coverages and endorsements. Get a quote today.

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