High Value Home Insurance

Protect your luxury home and lifestyle

Indoor pool. Custom landscaping. Geothermal heating. Luxury finishes. Designer furniture or antique art pieces. If your home is worth more than $750,000, a standard homeowners insurance policy may not be enough. Protect your luxury home - and lifestyle - by obtaining proper coverage for your most valuable possession.

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Unique Protection For a Unique Home

At Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers, we work with a variety of insurance carriers that specialize in insuring high value homes in order to provide coverage options that are specific to your needs. We also review your policy at every renewal and keep you informed about any alternative offers or discounts.

Does My Home Qualify for a High Value Home Policy?

A standard homeowners insurance policy may not be enough.

You may need a High Value Home policy if your home has one or more of the following features:

  • Reconstruction value of $750,000 or more
  • Indoor or outdoor pools, custom landscaping, etc.
  • Designed by an architect and/or has unique design elements
  • Older, heritage home with unique features that are uncommon today
  • Green home, with an environmentally friendly design, construction or heating
  • Furnished and/or decorated with high value items and/or items that cannot be found in standard stores.

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High value properties usually have unique features that need unique, specialized coverage. If you are unsure about whether your home qualifies for a high value home policy, contact us for more information.

Our goal at Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers is to provide answers to these and other questions you may have and to ensure that you fully understand all the options before making a decision.

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