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Airbnb, VRBO, HomeStay. Short-term rentals, weekly rentals, nightly rentals. The door of your home or apartment constantly revolving, strangers entering and exiting. Broken vases. Troublesome renters. Injured guests. Sharing your entire home or a portion of your home on a short-term basis comes with specific risks that may not be covered by a standard Homeowners or Renters policy. It is up to you to protect your home and belongings by obtaining proper coverage for the property you share with others.

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Protection For the Home You Share With Others

Home-sharing exposes your property to a number of additional risks, so it is extremely important to make your insurance company aware of the circumstances in order to avoid putting your insurance contract at risk.

At Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers, we work with a variety of insurance carriers that specialize in home sharing in order to provide coverage options that are specific to your needs. We also review your policy at every renewal and keep you informed about any alternative offers or discounts.

Does My Homeowners or Renters Policy Cover Home-Sharing?

Insurance carriers have begun adjusting their rules and regulations for home sharing coverage

Because home-sharing has gained popularity in recent years, insurance carriers have begun adjusting their rules and regulations for home sharing coverage in order to meet the growing demand for proper insurance.

Some insurance carriers allow home-sharing, usually with some restrictions. Some will not disqualify the home from obtaining insurance coverage, but will exclude coverage for any damages related to the home-sharing exposure. Others have remained strict and will not offer a homeowners or renters policy if there is any home-sharing activity.

It is important to find out whether your current homeowners or renters policy covers your specific home-sharing exposure.

Some questions asked by insurance carriers to determine if coverage is provided:

  • What is the minimum length of occupancy?
  • Are you renting out the entire home?
  • If only a part of the home is rented out, how many rooms?
  • Does the owner live at the property?
  • Is the property near a resort?
  • What is the average period of vacancy?

Do Home-Sharing Services Provide Insurance?

Coverage offered by the individual home-sharing networks is limited.

Some home-sharing services offer limited liability insurance coverage for hosts within their network. Visit specific sites for more information:

Again, coverage offered by the individual home-sharing networks is limited. Be sure to read the user agreement carefully before becoming a host.

Keep in mind that even this limited coverage only complements your homeowners or renters insurance and that you have an obligation to notify your insurance carrier about any home-sharing exposure on your property.

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Determining whether home-sharing coverage is afforded through your current homeowners or renters insurance policy can be tricky, so talk to us at Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers if your property has any home-sharing exposure.

Home-sharing coverage is a relatively recent and continuously evolving option. Each insurance company looks at the exposure differently, often underwriting risks on a case-by-case basis. Some carriers automatically include home-sharing as long as the risk qualifies; others require a special endorsement to be added to the policy.

Contact us if you have any questions about home-sharing. We’ll be happy to help you understand your options and discuss ways of adding or updating appropriate coverage.

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