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Protect your toys year round

Blown RV tires in the middle of the desert.  Snowmobile accidents, stolen motorcycles, damaged boats. Whether they are in use or in storage during the low season months, protect your toys year round by obtaining proper insurance coverage.

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Protection For Your Toys

All of your toys need liability coverage while in use, whether it’s on the highway, on a snowy trail or in water. An insurance policy for your motorcycle, RV, ATV or watercraft will cover bodily injury and property damage liability in case of an accident. It can also cover collision, theft, and repairs due to natural disasters. Finally, it can help get you home safely if you’re stranded somewhere on the road.

At Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers, we work with a variety of insurance carriers to provide coverage options for your toys that are specific to your needs. We also review your policy at every renewal and keep you informed about any alternative offers or discounts.

Protect Your Toys During Storage Season

Most of your toys have seasonal use only and are parked or stored away for the rest of the year. Some carriers have an option to suspend liability coverage during storage season in order to reduce your premium but keep the protection against theft, vandalism, fire or wind and hail storms.

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