Insurance For Contractors

Take care of the unexpected problems

Working at height, constantly moving around heavy equipment, using temporary staircases and railings.  Stolen or damaged tools, a fire that destroys a construction project before its completion and a kitchen cabinet that falls down and injures a child. Deadlines that have to be met, local rules and regulations that you have to adhere to, malfunctioning equipment that needs to be fixed.

All of these risks are part of being a contractor and can easily jeopardize your business success and destroy everything that you have built. Keep your business running at all times by maintaining proper insurance coverage that will take care of the unexpected problems.  

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Keep Specialized Coverage In Your Toolbox

Whether you specialize in carpentry, electrical work, plumbing or masonry, risks faced by contractors reach across a broad spectrum of potential issues, from malfunctioning equipment to injured workers and lawsuits associated with the quality of your work. The multitude of different issues and responsibilities can certainly cause a headache and obtaining proper insurance coverage for your store shouldn’t add to the already long list of unknowns.

Here to help

At Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers we help you sort through the insurance options that you should consider if you are a contractor. We offer a variety of insurance products that are specifically tailored to the unique risks faced by contractors and we are always happy to discuss available policy coverages and endorsements.

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Available Coverage & Common Claims

General Liability

A standard insurance policy designed to protect businesses from liability claims for bodily injury, property damage, resulting from operations, products, premises, and advertising and personal injury.

Claim Example

What if you accidentally damage a water line while trying to instal a vanity in a bathroom?

Workers Compensation

Coverage for your workers’ medical costs, physical rehabilitation, as well as employee compensation, in case of injury or work-related illnesses during the course of employment.

Claim Example

What if your employee falls off the ladder, breaks his leg, and requires several surgeries and months of rehabilitation?

Inland Marine

Coverage for business property away from your premises. There is a variety of options to consider, so talk to us at Kuzbiel Insurance Brokers to make sure that the policy is designed to meet your unique coverage needs.

Claim Example

What if someone steals your tools from your truck parka jobsite, or a trailer full of custom kitchen cabinets is rear ended on the way to the jobsite?

Builders Risk

Coverage for your insurable interest in a building under construction or renovation, including materials, equipment and fixtures.

Claim Example

What if someone cuts out and steels all the copper wire and pipes newly installed in the house you are building?

Commercial Auto

Coverage for bodily injury and physical damage resulting from an auto accident where you or an employee is the driver.